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When Do You Know It's Time to Find Your Purpose?

Life's currents can often sweep us away, distancing us from our true selves in the midst of external expectations. We forge ahead, molded by the hopes of parents, the judgments of peers, and the norms of society. Yet, underneath this noise, a subtle whisper nudges us - our inner guide. It speaks, sometimes for years, telling us to pay attention, to uncover our genuine purpose.

For some, life may seem outwardly successful, with achievements that often mask an underlying hollowness. They might hold important titles, have material wealth, and enjoy the admiration of many. But deep down, an unease still gnaws at their soul, and they begin to question the meaning behind their accomplishments. These individuals may be the most susceptible to the call of their inner voice.

Others may find themselves simply caught up in the web of routine, navigating through each day's obligations, yet sensing something missing. They long for more, the undiscovered that will infuse their existence with purpose and passion. The quiet whisper persists, urging them to explore, to unearth the true essence of their being.

Yet, often, we choose the comfort of the known over the uncertainty of change. The familiar, though stifling, becomes a refuge we're hesitant to leave behind. We find solace in the predictability of our routines, even if they stifle our growth. The inner voice, though persistent, is drowned out by the familiar.

Then comes a wake-up call. It can be a seismic event, a shattering blow that disrupts the carefully constructed façade of our lives. It might manifest as a fractured relationship, a sudden loss, or a career upheaval. After these events, we're left to sift through the debris, searching for meaning.

It's in these moments of vulnerability that we're most receptive to the call of our inner voice.

For some, the wake-up call may be a gradual realization, a dawning awareness that the path they're on is no longer tenable. It might be a subtle uneasy feeling that grows stronger with each passing day. They come to understand that the life they've constructed, though comfortable, is missing true fulfillment.

The shift in perspective is monumental. We zoom out, looking at our life from a larger perspective, and the pieces fall into place. We then really see the difference between who we are now and who we aspire to be. The quest for purpose becomes a real thing, not just a nagging feeling.

Now, on this uncharted path, choices begin to appear as our search begins. Programs, courses, books - and tons of promises of enlightenment, success or millions of dollars. As we search through this sea of information, we are looking for the critical compass - a method, a system that resonates with our aspirations. We begin to see many true words spoken by many different voices. And we learn. We read. We scroll social media. We begin to pickout the authentic voices that we connect with. So then the question inside becomes what path are we going to tread? And now wer understand what Jim Rohn sagely stated, "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."

Now you stand at the threshold. The path is laid, but the journey is yours to traverse. Reflect on this:

  1. What is the one thing that kindles a spark within you, something you've long buried? Answer: This passion holds the initial key to your purpose.

  2. What relationships in your life nurture your soul, and which ones deplete it? Answer: Identify those that propel you forward and those that hold you back.

  3. Does your current career align with your deepest values and aspirations? Answer: This reflection will unveil the next steps in your professional journey.

  4. Are you living in balance, nurturing your body, mind, and spirit? Answer: Consider the changes needed to achieve equilibrium.

  5. How can you give back and serve others in a way that aligns with your purpose? Answer: Recognize the power of contribution in finding fulfillment.

  6. Are you lacking any skills to help your personal growth? Answer: Know your strengths, enhance your weaknesses.

As you contemplate, remember, it's not only about the answers but the questions themselves. They're your compass, guiding you towards the next steps. As Rumi put it, "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."

  1. Seek out those who've journeyed before you, whose resonance echoes in your heart.

  2. Engage in meaningful conversations, attend workshops, and join groups that foster growth.

  3. Embrace discomfort. Change, though daunting, is the forge where purpose is forged.

  4. Keep learning. Books, courses, and experiences are signposts on this odyssey.

  5. Trust the process. Your purpose may not reveal itself overnight, but each step is a revelation. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Take that first step. Your purpose is closer than you think. Remember, as Lao Tzu advised, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Now is the time.


Who is Jerod Foos?

I am a rugged entrepreneur and advisor for motivation strategy, human performance, and branding. I am obsessed with building positivity, human potential, and lifestyle design.

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