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Welcome to Rugged Human!


Jerod Foos, Founder Rugged Human 

You are now part of a community that has shattered the traditional 9-5 lifestyle, living purpose-filled lives on our own terms by seamlessly blending passions with careers. Are you ready to redefine your path?

I Am Many Things.
So Are You.














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I am a former corporate executive who has transitioned into a solopreneur.


With twenty years of experience building and running successful businesses, launching multi-million dollar motivation programs, producing a Hollywood movie, and publishing for film and television, I have honed my skills and uncovered life truths related to business, pragmatism, resourcefulness, and ultimate freedom.


Every successful person has a system to achieve their desires.


However, some systems generate wealth but lack joy, while others may bring fleeting moments of fun but not wealth.


I followed the former for many years and created wealth, but it was empty and joyless.


I had to find a new and better system that include BOTH. I looked everywhere, listened to gurus, read books from Amazon and Audible, watched YouTube videos, and bought all the online courses.


Despite this, I couldn't find the system I was looking for. So I decided to create it myself. It's called Rugged Human.


Rugged Human is built on the pillars of principle, passion, purpose, and people, designed to maximize the aspects of human existence that truly matter.


There can be no joy in life without people. Wealth is worthless if it doesn't benefit others. I know this from experience: the hollow halls of beach houses and the fleeting thrill of fast cars are profoundly lonely when wealth lacks a foundation of purpose and goodness.


Now, I am here, following my purpose, to share my hard-earned knowledge with you and help you overcome any challenge that comes your way.


Welcome to the Rugged Human community!

Your First Step

Read this ebook. It summarizes the general principles and mindset for Rugged Human. You will learn a lot. Here is a sample from the introduction.



Hey there, RuggedHUMAN! Welcome to "Thriving Within: A RuggedHUMAN's Guide to Fearless Living." 


This book is for anyone who has reached a point in their life where they just know, deep down, that they are on the wrong path. Something isn't fitting. 


Relationships seem to be falling apart, and perhaps they are using drugs or alcohol to mask the pain, or maybe they've started to listen to that inner voice that's screaming, "Change! You need to change now!"


I've been there. I've felt those feelings, heard that screaming inner voice, and masked the pain for years before I finally did something about it.


It's so sad to see countless people stuck at that point in their lives, not taking any action. I've witnessed millionaires and trust fund babies with more money than they know what to do with waste their lives and live in a dark place.


But I've also seen and helped others who heard that inner calling and changed their lives in such a dramatic way that they became entirely new people—shining hearts, successful, and happy.


It can be done. It just takes the determination and desire to change yourself. If that's you, please read this book carefully—maybe twice—and take it to heart. 


You absolutely, without a doubt, have the power to transform your life!


Start Your Rugged Journey

RuggedHUMAN podcast about personal growth, life balance, becoming more authentic to design life around balance to get more fulfillment and happiness



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Join our tribe at the RuggedHUMAN Blog for a monthly dose of new perspectives and fascinating information about personal growth, healthy living, and the science behind what makes us humans tick. We keep it real and authentic.

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Looking to reach your true potential and align your life, career, and passions? Our rugged human courses are designed to help you do just that. With expert guidance and a supportive community, you'll be on your way to living your best life in no time.

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