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Books For The RuggedHUMAN

Hey there! Jerod here, Rugged Human founder. As an entrepreneur, author and motivational expert, my books for the most part, talk about life balance, business, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and spirituality combined.  A lot of what comes out also involves my passions, teaching others, keeping fit, very amateurishly creating colognes and perfumes, writing/producing music and film, & playing guitar.

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Entrepreneurial Thoughts

This actionable book illustrates the life lessons from the cold, hard yet intensely rewarding experience of 20 years of success and failure. The gems of information shared, range from entrepreneurial opportunity, creating success, winning over self-doubt, compassion, conquering fear, and many more life lessons for the young entrepreneur.


The simple principles reveal the basic truths about: Success, Passion, Perspective, Mistakes, Acceptance, Creating Opportunity, Compassion, Learning, Finding Flow, Recognizing Opportunity, Handling Burnout, Overcoming Fear, and much more.

Successful Girl

Bullet Proof Traits

Coming Soon!

A detailed look at the traits of Rugged Humans over time that lead to success and happiness. Stories and examples of what the common denominator for success is across a study of history's most influential people. From Gandhi to Alexander the Great to Tony Robbins, very specific traits are revealed.

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Helping Hand

Breadcrumbs of a Smile

Coming Summer 2023!

The breadcrumbs of a smile are simply the small things that you do in your life that knowingly or unknowingly help another person. Doing the right thing when no one is looking is a principle that is examined and exemplified in this extraordinary look at uplifting stories and models that will open your heart and inspire you!

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