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The one and only Sensai Kunal on The Rugged Human Podcast! Week of September 26th, 2023

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Introducing the dynamic Sensei Kunal, a guest you won't want to miss on the Rugged Human Podcast. He is the host of The Warrior Mindset Podcast and the man behind the Beast Mindset philosophy. Beyond being a dedicated Dad to twins, successful entrepreneur, and daring skydiver, Sensei Kunal has elevated his mindset to unprecedented heights through years of experience and training. Follow him on IG and TikTok @SenseiKunal for daily mindset, self-care, business and motivation jems. 

His mastery of combat martial arts and mentorship for youth and budding entrepreneurs, showcase his commitment to personal growth and the community. As a former BlackBerry Brand Ambassador and Startup founder, his tech innovations wowed on Discovery Channel's Top Tech Toys of 2015. Recognized by his community and peers for his outstanding contributions, Sensei Kunal's journey is a beacon of human potential and resiliance. Tune in for a surge of inspiration and motivation!

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