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Free Rugged Human Training On Developing Disciplined Habits!


Fitness Expert Lisa Effren @hlthchic

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Unlock fitness know-how with Lisa Effren! Dive into diet, ketosis, macros, and practical wellness tips. Lisa's expertise extends beyond conventional fitness approaches. She delves into crafting nutritious recipes and explores the nuances of optimizing sleep for peak performance. Check out her blog!  HealthChicChatter


Her practical tips on food tracking add a realistic touch to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With a special emphasis on women's health, Lisa Effren's approach is grounded in holistic well-being, offering practical advice for listeners to incorporate into their daily lives. In this fun discussion get straightforward nutrition and fitness insights, aimed at redefining your approach to nutrition and well-being. Episode Nine is an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of fitness and nutrition fundamentals. 💪🎙️

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