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3 Simple Steps To Find Your Passions

1 ) Find the things that are always close to you

Look back in your life. Review old pictures on your phone or if you still have them printed out. Look for items that are always around you over time. These are solid clues to determine what may have been directly in front of you the whole time.

It may be a guitar, or a football, or a roll of yarn. It may be a magazine subscription or a membership. Look for recurring themes in the places and things that you have done in the past to see a trend.

2) Things You Are Good At or Become Good At

Passions are things that we tend to do over and over even subconsciously in our lives simply because we enjoy them. We typically have a larger understanding and a deeper knowledge of the subjects and activities involving our passions. This often makes us mini-experts at certain things even though we may not exactly see ourselves that way.

Making this distinction is important. Because others who do not share our particular passion may be either lost completely or riveted when you start to show the depth of understanding you have in a particular area.

3) Look for activities that cause you to lose track of time

Passions tend to take us into a natural flow when we become immersed in them. Have you ever been working on something you love and suddenly realize that hours and hours have gone by in the blink of an eye?

This is a strong indicator that you are passionate about that

particular subject.

“Prioritize these actions and activities in your life, and purposely align them into your vocation or work skills and you will begin to create your new life and, by default, a new career.”

-Jerod Foos, Founder Rugged Human

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