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  • What do I get when I sign up for the mailing list?
    Great question! 1. First you get access to ALL of the free tools that we have available for everyone to use. These include free books and courses that range across all of the facets of our lives. Our bodies and our health. Our minds and our learning. Our spirit and our spirituality. We are striving to get all of these facets of our lives into balance! 2. You will get access to our online app which makes it super easy to take all of your learning with you wherever you go! 3. You connect with the rest of the Rugged Human community and get your own personal web page to share information and see what other Rugged Humans are doing! 4. You will get access to BRAND NEW new courses and materials before they are offered to the public. 5. You will have access to EXCLUSIVE content ONLY available to our members.
  • What is Rugged Human?
    Rugged Human, is a definition of what we are, as human beings, at our core. Our authentic selves. We are tough, we are resilient and like nature we all have our sunrises and our sunsets inside each of us. We each have strengths and weaknesses. Identifying these as best we can is the first step to maximizing our own potential. Rugged Human is a community. It is a place to learn, with the goal of living a life more in balance. It is a reflection of our own journeys, inward and outward to grow and align to our own natural, unique and authentic selves. We share learning and ideas to help us all to define ourselves by removing the fluff and focusing on the core basics. Maximize our strengths and minimize our shortcomings. When we align to our authentic selves, life becomes easier, we discover purpose and deeper meaning. We then can accomplish so much more in our own personal growth and in the world we live in, by focusing on our own personal blueprint as we begin to map it out.
  • Who is Rugged Human for?
    Rugged Human is a community. We are all seekers trying to connect to our own Rugged Human, our core selves. When we begin to live our lives closer to who we truly are life becomes much easier and we become more joyful and ultimately happier and better people. We come from all walks of life. Professionals, Artists, Creatives, Animal Love, and Activists. The community brings us all together in one common forum to learn from each other and share our own resilience and help others to achieve their own growth. Rugged Human is a place to help you to find that balance. If you are hitting a roadblock in your life and feel generally stuck, then Rugged Human has a path to help you move through these hurdles. With the pandemic looming large over the world, many have begun to realize that there is much, much more to life than simply living in a monotonous routine from day to day. The core philosophy is balance. And the courses and tools that we make available are there to help you find your own balance. Maybe you are looking to learn more about your own spirituality? Maybe you want to learn how to enhance your healthy and fitness or maybe you just want to expand your horizons a little bit. Rugged Human is here for YOU.

Upcoming Events

  • Boundless Love
    Boundless Love
    Sat, Mar 18
    Mar 18, 2023, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
    Mar 18, 2023, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
    Discussing the quantum physics of energy and love
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