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Gamma Wave
Meditation for Life Balance

You have a lot to accomplish in life. Find the internal balance to stay the course and get everything done while maintaining your sanity! 

Access the Meditation Bundle

Downlaod the guides and find a quiet area then play your video to begin. Headphones or earbuds recommended.

Jerod Foos

Rugged Human Founder


My life started on the east coast raised by a single mother. Lack of means and living on food stamps brought us to Mexico as a child where I learned how to fit into a radically different culture at a very young age. I learned to endure, persevere, and be resilient to  the good, the bad and the horribly ugly.


From these humble roots, I forged my way to California to study Biology and Psychology at the University of California, while adapting to the free-spirit lifestyle.  A back herniation due to a surfing injury humbled me even more than my meager beginnings.


Pragmatism. Resourcefulness. Freedom. I have lived and learned these life truths. As my Rugged Human awakened, so woke the sleeping lion inside of us all. I went on to earn and MBA from Pepperdine University alway striving to learn more and push myself.

The courses and content I create are designed to open your eyes and mind to the possibility that you, too, can overcome any challenge and grow into the person you are meant to be. Enjoy our Rugged Human community!

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