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Life Balance Tracker Method

The Life Tracker Method is the ultimate habit tracker that helps you create life balance and integrate spirituality into your daily routines. It helps you discover your patterns, allowing you to maximize your life and live to your fullest potential. With the Life Tracker Method, you can get a better understanding of yourself, your patterns, gain clarity and focus, and become the best version of yourself.


Mastering Life 

"Research suggests that up to 95% of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are driven by habits." - American Psychological Association 

"Only about 10% of people who set a goal for themselves actually achieve it." - Psychology Today 

"Approximately 50% of Americans report feeling lonely or left out." - Healthline 


"Around 90% of people who start a diet will fail to achieve their weight loss goals." - Healthline 

"Nearly 80% of people who set financial goals fail to achieve them." - CNBC 

"Studies show that spirituality can improve mental health, yet only 23% of psychiatrists discuss it with their patients" (Psychology Today)

"Over 50% of college students report feeling spiritually lost or unsure of their beliefs" (Journal of College Student Development)

"Spirituality can increase happiness and life satisfaction, yet 27% of Americans report feeling spiritually unfulfilled" (Harvard Health Publishing)

Are You One Of These Statistics? 

  • Are you tired going through the motions of life with no sense of direction or purpose?

  • Are you trying to become the best version of yourself but don't know where to start?

I Know I Sure Was... 

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jerod. Just a few years ago, I was living proof of those statistics above. I was stuck in a my career, in a tough relationship, 60 lbs. overweight and drinking way too much. I wasn't real sure what was missing, but I knew I was struggling to find my purpose and meaning in life. I could not breath. I had to do SOMETHING. 

I knew deep down that I wanted more out of life. I wanted to feel fulfilled, to have a purpose, and to be the best version of myself. That's when I started my journey towards self-improvement and personal growth. It wasn't easy, as many of you who know me understand, but I kept pushing forward. Pushing through the statistics, right?

Through this journey, I discovered the power of mindset, habits, and goal-setting and a new sense of spirituality. I started to take action towards my goals and create a life that I was truly proud of. I had truly become a different person. I looked back at what I did and realized that I had actually created a system that I have never seen anywhere. I had been trying so many things but none had worked so I ended up creating a unique way that helped my to really realign my life. I saw that this method was so powerful! I had LITERALLY changed my life. 

Through this epiphany, I ended up I creating Rugged Human, which is now a platform dedicated to helping people like us, overcome their struggles and achieve their full potential to find balance. And within Rugged Human, I created the Mastering Life course, a culmination of all that I have learned and experienced on my journey that has taken me to places that are astounding.

The Mastering Life course is designed to guide you through the same journey that I went through, step-by-step. It's a comprehensive program that will help you discover your purpose, develop the right mindset, set goals and create lasting habits, and ultimately, live the life that you've always wanted.

I know what it's like to feel stuck, unfulfilled, and unsure of what the future holds. But I also know that it's possible to overcome these challenges and achieve greatness. And I want to help you do the same.

Join me on this journey towards personal growth and transformation. Let's work together to create a life that we are proud of and that makes us happy.



NOW IS THE TIME to Unleash Your Highest Self & Master Your Destiny!

YOU have the power to achieve anything you can imagine. Mastering Life will help you unlock your full capacity for success – so you can achieve your most ambitious goals and create a life you truly love!


If you’re ready to own your big dreams, let go of the stories that are blocking your progress, and design a life that brings you boundless joy, abundance, and fulfillment, your next phase of growth begins now!

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