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Accelerated Growth Begins Now.
Core Programs

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Mastering Life

  • How to use the Thought > Action > Results model.

  • ​The subtleties of applying Stephen Covey's most important tip (in my opinion)

  • ​Using subconscious programming

  • ​How to apply 6-Sigma and the Socratic Method in your life transformation

  • ​Using success modeling behavior

  • ​The real secret to using visualization, affirmations, and manifesting results

Whole Fitness

  • Master habits of successful weight loss

  • Learning to use your metabolism as a tool

  • The science behind food

  • Extensive Cardio, HIIT, Muscle building lessons with professional trainers

  •  Maintaining gut health

  • Extensive supplement analysis

  • Training your body to burn fat

Essential Meditations

  • 5 Topic focused guided meditations for next level concentration beginner or expert

  • Access to the ONLY TriSync™ audio technology to boost Gamma wave focus

  • Learn the basic tools such as mantras and breathing techniques

  • The CORE concepts. Principles of the worlds most successful people, Overcome Fear, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing.

TriSync Audio Collection.png

The Power of Gamma Wave Production (GWP) and TriSync™ (Coming Soon)

Maximize your Meditation with Gamma Wave Production! Gamma Wave Production (GWP) helps you process information, so whether you're working on developing greater compassion for yourself or trying to focus on that big project due in a few days, you'll find yourself able to better absorb information you need to succeed.
A series of soothing audio meditation soundtracks embedded with TriSync™ e-technology. Soothing ocean waves. Raindrops. Oscillating Fan. Night sounds. Frogs and many more! Make them your own!


Integrate With Your Rugged Human

I am obviously NOT a guru, nor do I claim to be, but this is a PRICELESS OPPORTUNITY...


Because I'm NOT talking about a course or book or program for public consumption...


No. This is all PRIVATE. To Rugged Humans. To those of us who know we live in two worlds, the inner as well as the outer.....FOR NOW.


And, right now, your have a rare opportunity to come behind closed doors with me.


You'll witness me detailing my own mistakes and the nuances of self analysis, learning, optimizing, and transforming ideas into behaviors and habits in today's environment. Right now. You will learn how I built businesses and began to drive toward a conscious capitalism approach to re-launching my own career and who YOU how to do the same.


You'll watch me laying-out the finer points... which few people know... for developing real strategies, techniques, exercises, tricks, personal life hacks,... 


And everything else which I feel is wildly valuable for you to see and understand that has worked for me. 


Most of all, you'll see me tweaking the LEGIT pro-level methods for producing personal growth like crazy... TODAY.

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